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Hello everyone and Welcome! Thank you for considering for your credit repair needs. We have created an exciting and creative program designed specifically for your personal credit repair needs. Our competitions problem is that “WE GET IT”! Our 4 step process takes out all of the intentional mysteries that credit reporting companies as well as our competition would have you believe. With garbled and cryptic explanations, the average person is frustrated into giving up. Only lawyers understand half of the madness. Through years of trial and error, and a little compassion, has broken down the process into 4 basic ideas that you have been asking for. 1) What is it? 2) How does it work? 3) What will it do for me? 4) How much does it cost? Now wasn’t that easy? No gimmicks, hidden cost, agenda, or contracts. That is what is all about. Located in the heart of New York’s financial district, encourages all of our customers to visit with us and tour the facility. It is our undying passion to serve the people who keep our organization in existence and that is “our culture” and commitment to you. Visit us on our website at Our toll free # is 1-800-678-6800 So hold onto your seats and get ready for a whole new experience in customer satisfaction and exceeding your expectations!

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Start-Up/Maintenance Start-Up/Initiation $99.00 Monthly Maintenance $29.99 $99.00 represents administrative cost to process accounts. It includes all postage, custom creation of documents, bureaus and your personal account manager. $29.00 Monthly Maintenance represents monthly monitoring of account, phone and email Follow up. 24 hour, 7days a week, custom customer software, allow customers to review progress hourly, daily weekly. Also includes weekly phone follow up. All responses from credit reporting companies are mailed to you direct. You should begin to see results within 45 days after sign-up. After 45 days, response time improves drastically and all items in question should be settled, through deletion or through further correspondence. We follow a plan of success by analyzing your credit report, to determine what items are to be prioritized for immediate action.


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